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The Book Continues

Right now I’m spending some days slowly combing my way through the content, word by word, page by page. It’s amazing how many little errors you pick up.

The English language is a fickle thing. You write something for the first time and it seems to read OK. You take it through a few other sets of eyeballs, they all say it’s good to go.

Beth Jennings Photography Memories at your fingertips book-111709

Then you see it on the printed page and read it through, and you’re like, err…that’s not quite right actually! How did that even happen?!

I was in Sydney last week and I met with David, my editor. We talked about quotes for printing, where to print, and how to manage the order process going forward. The internal design is looking really beautiful, I absolutely love the tone and feel of it. There’s a good balance between the techie information and being easy on the eye too.

That speaks to the value of a great team that really ‘get’ your project – that’s a post for another day.

Back cover blurb

Last night I canvassed a possiblity for my back cover blurb to my Facebook community. I had instant responses from so many people, which was really great to see.

Here’s the version that David will work with:

Does this sound like you? You took precious photos at a wedding on your digital camera, and now, three years later, you can’t find them…anywhere.

In the new age of digital photography, photo management can be overwhelming and frustrating for the amateur photographer. Digital cameras have enabled people to record their daily lives in an unprecedented way. However, the lack of knowledge about file management, post-production and presentation options has seen our most important memories become lost in hard drives, never to be seen again.

Beth believes that the ‘shoot, share and forget’ mentality with digital photography means this may well be the first generation not to inherit their childhood in pictures. Beth Jennings, a professional photographer who successfully transitioned from film to digital, has extracted the fundamental aspects of her photo management to create this practical, step by step guide on how to manage your digital photographs, make basic image adjustments and present your favourites, just like the photo albums of the ol’ days.

‘Memories at your fingertips’ arms you with the essential tools needed to gain control of your digital photo history, so the moments that matter will never be lost again.

And so it continues… by day we get closer to the prize. I think I’m still on track for the May publish and launch goal.




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