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My Book – beginnings

Personal photography has gone through a massive shift in just the last handful of years. Film photography has been shelved and in its place we now have digital SLRs everywhere.

You only have to look at phenomenal statistics like 40 million photos a day uploaded to Instagram, and at the time of writing 300 million pictures a day are uploaded to Facebook. As a Facebook member myself since 2007, I’ve friended many clients along the way. Maybe you and I are friends too, if you’re reading this. Or maybe you follow me on my Facebook biz page. I’ve watched as many growing family developments have been posted to newsfeeds with pictures from digital camera devices large and small. Over time I’ve started to wonder, how are people managing all their data? Beyond shoot’n’share, what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of creating a family legacy in photographs?

Are you finding the ease of digital photography in fact overwhelming for the sheer volume it creates? Can you find a photo you took three years ago easily? Are you setting aside your favourites on a regular basis? Will your kids inherit their childhood in the pictures you’ve taken? Or a hard drive with unlabelled pictures in random folders? How do you present your favourites? Do you back up your pictures regularly and take them off your camera?

I meet maybe 1 in 20 people that actually have a well organised digital family photo library. Better yet, they are doing the next step too and creating for example, photo books for their kids to inherit.

At this point it occurs to me that it’s quite likely there’s large percentage of people out there that would happily unlock my brain and help themselves to what’s inside! So I’m about to start writing a book that will address all the issues I mentioned earlier.

Today I begin which I’ll admit I have mixed feelings about. It’s daunting to face a blank screen and know it must turn into a cohesive book of useful content. But, I’ve already written the synopsis, blurb and contents page, so the challenge now is facing the daily discipline of writing. My ambition is to knock out 30,000 words over the next 30 days. I want to knock this baby over in a decent time frame and get the book out the door by the end of 2013. We’ll see what’s possible.

Wish me luck!!!! I will keep you posted here on developments. If you have suggestions, problems and ideas for helping this book project along, please, by all means, be in touch with me via my Facebook page, or by email.


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