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I’ve mentioned it before, I know, but I have an excuse now to mention it again – yep, I’m an AIPP member – that’s Australian Institute of Professional Photography.  What does this mean?  That I work to the highest standard of professional photography and business conduct that I possibly can.  I deliver on creative promises, and hopefully bring something more to the table than the client might have expected.

Recently The Epson ACT AIPP Annual awards was held at the State level ‘championships’ alongside NSW in Sydney.  I went along this year for the ride and to learn what’s been happening with the awards process since I last entered in 2002.  My oh my, the standard is phenomenal.  The intention for the awards is to give photographers an opportunity to put up their best work for the year for assessment by their peers. It’s not just your best work for clients – it’s work that goes over and above anything a client may expect.  It’s about the only time of year when you will hear the term ‘artist’ thrown around a whole lot more than ‘photographer’, because these are indeed works of art that we are seeing.  At State level you can enter numerous categories like wedding, portrait, landscape, illustrative, and then test the waters to see how the judges see your work, so you can then lead up to APPA – the Australian Photography Print Awards – yikes, now we’re hittin’ the bigs guns – where you just enter 4 prints for judging.  I will say this – the ACT may seem like a small contender in the bigger picture but don’t be fooled.  We might be a small pond here but when you put our fish in the big pond, they go hard.  Our latest star of the moment, Dan O’Day, is hot property at the moment – don’t be surprised if he takes the wedding title at nationals – and that is huge in the wedding category…huge.  Good luck Dan!

The ACT finalists and winners work can all be viewed now at:

The Artworks
52 Wollongong St Fyshwick
Open 10-5 daily
Until it closes 12 May 2010

For more details: please view the 2010 Awards press release.

If you’re in Fyshwick over the weekend, I strongly recommend you pop in – it’s well worth the effort to go.  You’ll be amazed.

Is there anything you’d like to know about the distinction between professional and amateur photography? Drop a line and let’s start the chat.


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