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BJP [Mount Majura Vineyard]

I’ve been building an excellent partnership with Mount Majura Vineyard – they are sponsoring my exhibition opening next week and in exchange I’ve done some photography on site for them.  These images might be used for various promotional material – on their newsletter, website, etc.  It has been absolutely delightful to deal with them.  Namely, Julia who manages their sales and marketing, and Frank, who features here, the winemaker. 


The cool thing about this winery, among 30 odd vineyards in this region, is that all of the grapes that are used in the wines are grown on site.  This is a bone fide 100% Canberran vineyard. Frank says he really wants people to taste the place. He’s as passionate as they get about crafting the perfect product. It takes years to roll out new ideas, refine them, and to make them perfect for market and that takes dedication, hard work and patience.  This is what drew me to partnering with Mount Majura Vineyard – their personal passion for their product.  I could tell we were going to be a good match.

Here is what they have to say about the Vineyard:

Mount Majura Vineyard is a boutique winery in the Canberra District, producing outstanding wines thanks to the special features of its vineyard site. Mount Majura Vineyard offers a warm and exceptional integrated wine tourism experience to visitors, including seated wine tastings, contemporary art exhibitions by young artists from Canberra Contemporary Art Space and “Gumboot Tours’ around the vineyard. A regional food platter is available for you to accompany your tasting as is tea and coffee. Mount Majura Vineyard is open Thursday through to Monday 10am- 5pm. We invite you to come to the vineyard and savour the moment. 

Thank you Julia, Frank, Andrew, Renee and the team of pickers at Mount Majura Vineyard.  It’s not every day that you need to be photographed in your work gear at 7 in the morning – so you held up beautifully to the challenge!  I had a great morning and learned a lot about your wines, it’s an incredible operation you have there and such a magnificent product.  Good luck with the rest of this season’s harvest.

Have you ever tried Mount Majura Vineyard?  They’re just over the hill of Mount Majura, Mt Majura road from the airport heading north, you don’t even have to leave town to get to them.  This weekend is the harvest festival, why not take a little drive and check them out? Well, at the very least you can give their wines a try at my opening next week.


Julia Brown - April 9, 2010 - 12:20 am

Beth, was great to have you out at the vineyard. These photographs have turned out beautifully. You seem to have an amazing way of caturing, lines, light and life! We look forward to developing our partnership into the future and to your upcoming exhibition at the Front.

Beth Jennings - April 9, 2010 - 2:49 am

Oh Julia thanks so much, yes, the pictures have turned out well I think, they capture the movement and spirit of your winery. It’s the people that make the place, their personalities and energy so that’s what I wanted to reflect in the images – they all look great what’s online here is a sampler for you. Thanks again so much for our partnership and I’m so pleased to be associated with your beautiful vineyard.


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