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To Facebook with BJP or not to Facebook with BJP…that is the question:

OK so a while ago I’d been thinking about Facebook and it’s potential usefulness to the BJP business.  I have 165 lovely friends over at Facebook, and since I started the BJP professional page only 11 of those friends have added themselves as a Fan to the BJP page.  A couple of new people have turned up, and in turn I have made friends with them as Beth on Facebook.  All very confusing…

So the conflict I have is this – Facebook is a social networking site, intended for people to chat with their friends in a secure space, share photos, drunken saturday night stories and the like.  Then the option became available to put up a page – where people can become Fans, which is the equivalent of friends to a personal page. So then what happens when you introduce a commercial medium to this social networking page? Advertising and the like…'<insert name here> just became a Fan of Beth Jennings Photography’ – this then means that if you click on ‘Become a Fan of BJP’ that it not only means you support BJP, which is one thing, but it also means you endorse it, which is completely another thing.  It means you endorse it under the Facebook example because when you hit ‘Become a Fan’ this is listed not only in your personal listing, but as a status event, and it also appears at the right, along side various ads. 

So you see the dilemma.  I’ve got 165 friends on Facebook, genuine friends, colleagues, travel friends, and some clients.  Do I mix the Beth page with the BJP stuff?  Or separate it off entirely on Facebook?  Well now that it’s separated, I’ve noticed very few friends migrating over to the BJP page. So this begs the question, why?  My theory is that deep down we all know that if we click on ‘Become a Fan’ that it also means we are partaking in viral marketing for that business.  And I don’t want my friends, my real friends, all 165 of them, to feel that kind of weirdness.  A while ago when I selected ‘Become a Fan’ of an artist, business, group etc, I thought that was all I was doing – until I realised that when I Became a Fan of Banksy (the famous UK street artist) that in the days following I’d start getting a persistent ‘Buy a Banksy hoodie’ ad floating around on the right side of my Facebook page – admittedly I did feel mildly annoyed by that.  In my mind it was one thing to Become a Fan of Banksy to support his work and philosophy, not to then become part of the marketing machine of Banksy…mmmmnn (Marge Simpson style mmmmnnn).

Your thoughts on the matter?

To Facebook or not under the BJP name?


NessWorld Magazine - February 18, 2010 - 6:51 am

The answer is *absolutely YES* you should have a page on facebook.

The whole point of Social Media Marketing is to recruit those people who believe in you the most. I for one do not feel obligated to ‘become a fan’ if I don’t want to. It is up to each person to decide for themselves if they can endorse you or not.

Effectively Beth, even though we are on opposite sides of the planet, we are in fact competition for one another, however, I can, as a photographer, look at your work, and say, “Yes, this person, has a wonderful eye, great skill and clearly knows what they are doing, plus, I like their style.” Hence it is an easy decision for me to become a fan.

People should not feel ‘funny’ about this, we should not, as the page makers feel odd for putting ourselves out there (my nessworld page has but 9 fans thus far, but it’s early days), in the same way that we should not be embarrassed to answer the questions “So what do you do?” in a social setting, with a cocktail in your hand.

My only proviso though, is that I’m keeping my NW page and my facebook friends two separate things. It’s possible to have fans and post things into their feeds, but without ‘friending’ them as such. Because I like to keep my personal life amongst people that I know and trust.

Beth Jennings - February 18, 2010 - 7:15 am

Thanks Vanessa, you clearly feel strongly on this! I had thought that seeing as people that I don’t know are becoming Fans of BJP, that as Beth I should friend request them back, because then I can write and thank them for joining…but you are saying you don’t do that to keep it separate…mmnn…it’s started a real conversation on my Beth page at Facebook (not my BJP page)…


Katti - February 18, 2010 - 8:23 pm

Hi Beth,
I just saw that “what to do about facebook discussion” on your website when desperately trying to find you on facebook to “friend you up” 😉 Well I found more then 400 entries for “Beth Jennings” but then looked onto your website and found out that you established that “fan” page. I did not hesitate or further think about it but just became a fan. :) Which I am!!
I have no idea about whether it’s a good advice in terms of marketing to run such a website. I agree with your friend who says you should distinguish the business and the private life so why don’t YOU try to friend me up? Hugs Katti

Ness at Drovers Run - February 19, 2010 - 3:07 am

You can thank them for joining by using your BJP facebook page, without them being ‘friends’ because ‘fans’ get your feed put into their own feeds. It’s how the Pioneer Woman does it :)

Beth Jennings - February 20, 2010 - 3:39 am

Cool, thanks Ness, good to know i’ll do that from now on.

Beth Jennings - February 20, 2010 - 3:40 am

Hi Katti! Yes now considere yourself ‘friended’. And thanks for supporting the BJP page as well. I’m advertising BJP in the Facebook space – not so sure what I think about this given I’m putting advertising in a social networking space…mmnn…we’ll see if i keep that up. But yes I totally agree to keep the friend base totally separate.

Great advice! B

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