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BJP [exhibition centre]

On the final instalment of my sponsor promotion I’m proudly presenting Exhibition Centre.  Exhibition Centre are there to help with design, laminating, framing and installation of displays and exhibitions.  Mostly I have dealt with Deb, who has been absolutely brilliant.  On a random day in February I turned up out of the blue on referral from another photographer (thank you David), presented her with my exhibition Media Release and an explanation of why I was requesting sponsorship and the benefits to them of saying yes.  And she said yes!

We looked at the pieces of work I”m exhibiting in a 6×4″ version, I explained about the size intention and idea for the exhibition space, and she instantly had the best idea for the presentation of my images.  I won’t say too much here, don’t want to spoil the surprise, but sufficed to say that my images look fabulous, I’m so pleased.  The presentation method compliments the work, rather than competes with it, and it’s due to Deb’s expertise that this aspect to the exhibition has come off beautifully.

Thank you Deb and the team at Exhibition Centre, your assistance and friendly advice has been greatly appreciated.


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