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BJP [art direction]

In my ongoing series of sponsor-spruiking in the exhibition lead up I’m now going to introduce to you Art Direction Creative.

Art Direction Creative is a design company that offer services in identity design, print, web and environmental installation.  Brendan is the master…sorry this sounds pretentious doesn’t it, but actually, you just don’t mess with the master, he has the most amazing skills and team working with him.  Go on, just click on their website and you’ll see.

Years ago when I was chipping away at my wedding work I thought one day, wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper styling for my business.  That was my very professional way of saying I need to get some branding work done.  You know, business cards, letter head, envelopes, with comps slips, that sort of thing.  The reason I picked them was their online presentation was so polished and it spoke to me immediately.  There was something sort of refined, specific, delicate in the way things had been done.  I had no idea what they’d come up with for me, I went in there with a silk bound wedding book, a collection of images and had a chat.  A few weeks later I went back expecting to have a couple of options presented to me.  No no dear, no options indeed, just one fabulous idea.  What I really like about working with Brendan, and more recently, Selena, is that there is only one answer for them.  They wrestle a client (figuratively speaking) to the ground, until they get it right.  And it can only be right.  Here’s what they came up with for me:

So you see where I let the side down – the perfect case scenario is that I would roll out this gorgeous concept to my online presence.  I’m confident that in time these things will all come together. When I went back there recently another chap Brett was there and remembered me, and how they considered the logo and whether or not it should have the dot.  They decided the dot worked, it threw things off slightly, took away from the symmetrical BJP and gave it a slightly different edge, suggesting that when people come to me for photography, they will receive clean and refined images, but with something added in there that maybe they didn’t expect.  I like the full stop, it gives a kind of finality to the look, like this is it, this is what you get…full stop. And they were so right about that, this is how I work, I really have just one clear way of photographing, it’s my way.  I don’t force that on people, but I’m quietly confident they’ll like what I do.  Just how I liked what Art Direction Creative did for me.

Brendan so kindly put together a lovely exhibition invitation for me (not what’s posted here, that was just to tide me over) and it’s being printed as we speak.  Can’t wait to send it out, it should go out after Easter.

Would you like me to send you one? Send your postal address to my email and it’ll be in the post asap.


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