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What is the AIPP

The AIPP is the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.  It’s a national membership body that all professional photographers ought to join.  It’s not compulsory to be a member if you are a professional photographer, but if you want to set yourself apart from the Uncle Bob’s out there, then this is the way to go.

To become a member you have to complete a portfolio assessment by two members in your local chapter, complete a business check list and sign a statutory declaration.  You need to be able to demonstrate your commitment to the photographic industry, and a standard of work that is of quality, consistency and artistic merit.  Membership entitles you to be able to use the logo on all your publicity material, network with other professional photographers, enter in the annual awards process, access many member benefits and discounts and attend seminars such as this one (although this particular one is intending to reach non-AIPP photographers as well).

Additionally, I’m pleased to announce that my proposal to the Australian Capital Territory AIPP chapter for sponsorship of my exhibition has been successful.  I attended the council meeting last week.  I presented my exhibition media release and an overview of the exhibition content and opening night plan.  I thought that a reasonable request would be for the AIPP to send out my invitation to all its members in exchange for the AIPP logo appearing on all exhibition promotional material.  Better than that, it was decided that the invite would be sent out to the national contigent of 2000, and I would be the first recipient of $500 to be issued twice yearly to an ACT AIPP photographer who intends to exhibit and is requesting sponsorship.  So, my efforts brought a fabulous reward, and opened up the starting point for a bi-annual sponsorship opportunity for local AIPP photographers that would like to exhibit.

By the way, I’m rather chuffed to have one of my images on the AIPP website here, next to arguably the best architectural photographer around, Tim Griffith. Quite an honour.

Are you a photographer?  Did you know that the AIPP have an ‘Emerging Photographer’ category?  It’s a great starting point if you are starting to get serious about photography, but are not quite at a professional level yet.

What does ‘professional photographer’ mean to you?  I’m very interested to know how non-photographers perceive the photographic industry, please drop in your comments.


Trish - March 15, 2010 - 3:17 am

Congrats on the sponsorship! Thoroughly deserved, I think!

I’ve just submitted my forms to become an Emerging Member. I’m so glad they have that level of membership because that whole “portfolio assessment by two members” thing has me a little freaked out.

See you at your exhibition 😉

Beth Jennings - March 15, 2010 - 5:47 am

Thanks Trish, yes it was an awesome thing to come my way, and the money will be well spent on the second week of the gallery space for the show.

Glad to hear you’re on the emerging path, and yes I can imagine having your work assessed could be a little intimidating if you weren’t ready.


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