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A couple of weeks ago I launched a promotion for a potential trip to Europe. Then I did 3-5 years business planner day and have had a radical rethink about what I want to do in 2013. So the Euro idea has been postponed to 2014. As cool as it is to do, I think there are bigger possibilities out there for my biz as a whole.

Photography is just this awesome medium that I love working in, and I want to spend the year finding cool ways to share that with you. So this year, it’s all about you. Your interests in photography, your photography education, how you like to absorb imagery, building a photo community, cool products with my photos you might enjoy, that sort of thing.

As things develop, new products and services launch and announcements are made, I put them all in an eNewsletter which I issue quarterly, with the occasional updates in between. I try not to bombard your inbox with too many of these, but it is a great way to keep you up to date with what I’m up to. If you’d like to subcribe, I’d love to have you! Just flick me an email and I’ll pop you on the mailing list. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time too.


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