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Mr Barnaby’s Baby Babble Bumps Berlin

What is Mr Barnaby’s Baby Babble?

A fantastic, English speaking mums group started by Melanie, from the UK.  When Melanie first came to Berlin with a young child, she found it difficult to connect with fellow English-speaking  mums.  Two years and 405 meet ups later, the group is now the premier place to be in Berlin for English speaking mums looking for company, resources and advice on all things baby-in-Berlin.  It was Melanie’s birthday and she scheduled a meet with a group of bumps.  It was really wonderful to be asked to capture the feeling and mood of the event, for the benefit of prospective mums.  I’ve never been in a room with so many bumps at once!  It really is an amazing thing, to create a new life out of thin air and it made for some inspiring images.

Mr Barnaby

It was held at the beautiful Duckwitz Cafe on Lettestrasse 3, Berlin.

Mr Barnaby

‘You shouldn’t have!’
Melanie was touched to receive a lovely and thougthful birthday gift. 

Birthday photographic coverage Mr Barnaby

A newly arrived little one – whose mum had advice and insights to offer the group.

baby infant photograph black and white holding hands Mr Barnaby
Duckwitz cafe Berlin Mr Barnaby
English speaking Mother

I had a mini-photo session with Clare, she’s about to give birth any day now to her first baby.
A cafe wouldn’t necessarily be my chosen venue for such an important image!
It was lovely just the same to capture the calm of pregnancy, right before it’s all about to change … big time!

Mr Barnaby
Pregnancy photography family photography berlin Mr Barnaby

More talking…


Comparing bumps…

Pregnacy photography Berlin english speaking Mr Barnaby

And belly buttons!

english speaking mothers group berlin Mr Barnaby
Mr Barnaby

Thank you to all the lovely ladies and bumps! I wish you all every success with the birth of your babies here in Berlin.

And thank you Melanie for inviting me along to capture a very typical Mr Barnaby’s Baby Babble meet up, you’re providing an invaluable service to the Berlin mummy community!


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