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The 5 biggest photography mistakes that business owners make

I love photographing people in their real life. There’s something indescribably awesome about slotting into the vibe of a gathering of people and being able to capture the vibe, emotion and connections. This works in so many areas of life, but for me it becomes really interesting in the family and business sectors.

31 Copyright 2012 Beth Jennings Photography Berlin Germany Sarah Wiener-3378
These days, in business there’s a trend towards authenticity, so my style fits the business category beautifully.

I decided to take a look back on some older client work to see what they’ve been doing with their images. They are in all sorts of sectors including health, beauty, food, children’s education and entertainment, and music, to name a few.

The ones featured here so far are from Germany’s answer to Jamie Oliver, Sarah Wiener. I covered the opening in Berlin of the new ‘Wiener Brot’ (Vienna Bread) – a little shopfront under Sarah’s brand that sells extraordinarily ah-mazing wood fired bread make with love and by hand by a Viennese baker.

25 Copyright 2012 Beth Jennings Photography Berlin Germany Sarah Wiener-4027
I’ll be honest, I was disappointed to find my images not entirely in use, or not used to their full capacity, or inconsistency of my images interspersed with average smart phone images, or just simply not displayed at all.  I’m thinking, what is going on here??! These clients of mine have paid a decent sum of money to have me along, and then they didn’t make full use of the images they invested in.

29 Copyright 2012 Beth Jennings Photography Berlin Germany Sarah Wiener-3322
Then I realised they just don’t know what to do with their images, they don’t realise their brand story has actually been expressed in photos, and they also don’t realise the power in terms of impact these pictures can actually have.

So I decided to write a document about it.

It’s called ‘The 5 biggest photography mistakes that business owners make’ and you can download it here:

I hope you find this useful if you’re wondering about where photos should fit in your business.


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This is awesome Beth, thank you! Jules xx

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