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Behind the Lens

Ever wondered what a BJP Family Story photo session feels like?

The seemingly most ordinary things, to you, to me, make extraordinary pictures.
My role is to be there, without being there.
Your role is to talk, laugh, walk around, kiss, cuddle, play, jump, dance, interact, do your thing.
It’s your family’s uniqueness and magic that I want to capture.
I’m thinking, what’s going on here that you’ll want to see again and again in the future?
When you smile for real, different muscles move in your face.
That’s why all I ask, is that you focus on who you’re with, not the camera.

If I could be invisible, I would be. Failing that, I always say, let’s pretend for a couple of hours that the words ‘photo’, ‘photographer’ and ‘photography’ don’t exist in the English language.  That’s it.

These behind the lens pictures will help
captured by the wonderful Haley Richardson (thanks Haley).

Adam and Tina and their girls in 2010.

The excitement, anticipation, and pure joy of new life, captured forever.

The pictures you see here were taken of Adam and Tina.  We had four sessions in which we captured their 2010 family story experience of welcoming their second born child Ruby to the family: Pregancy, at the hospital, early days at home, later in the year at home.

What Tina and Adam had to say …

‘Thank you Beth for allowing us the opportunity to capture these special moments.

When we first spoke about doing a ‘pregnancy shoot with a difference’ I couldn’t wait to see what you had in mind.  Having complete trust and faith in you and your approach to photography I happily ‘strutted’ my big budda belly in front of the camera, playing with Ella and letting time pass us by just hanging out and having fun in front of a bold coloured graffiti wall. Little did I know that these fun times would result in such a dynamic and lively pregnancy shoot – bring it on – we love it!

The hospital – good golly! Swollen and puffy yet blissfully happy.  I wondered how these shots would turn out. As always, un-posed and natural (what we love about shoots with you) they show the purity of the first days of a new life – the shneegles, the tiredness and the pure love of all of us sharing in the moments of meeting our new family member. Take a look at our faces – they say it all!  Some may think a photo shoot in the hospital might be awkward and a self conscious scary experience – we didn’t even notice that you were there – a fly on the wall so to speak, silently and unobtrusively snapping memories away for us.

You would never know that the photographs of us at home were taken at 5pm – lovingly referred to as chaos hour.  The time of day when it’s all happening – dinner, breast feeding, bath, story time and finally bed …….  This is what we love about you. Life goes on and you observe. How you managed to create such fantastic, artistic and creative shots during such a busy time is beyond me!

Creating our family story with you, Beth, is fun and easy …… a fly on the wall ? nah, you’re much lovelier than a fly ….. as Ella would say, a lady bird or maybe a butterfly!

Thanks Beth!’

Tina and Adam
November 2010

To capture your family story:

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Haley Richardson - November 11, 2010 - 11:27 pm

Love your approach Miss Beth- Truly gorgeous snippets to be treasured forever. One day when I have little people I want you there with me all the way from the hospital bed to the birthday parties and everything inbetween. Your vision needs to be celebrated and treasured its breath taking. Love you and it lots and lots x


Beth Jennings - November 12, 2010 - 9:47 am

Oh Haley you’re a gem!! What an endorsement from a brilliant photographer…Thanks so much for coming and taking some pictures that day…it was really cool for me to see what it all looks like behind the scenes too!!! I would looooove to document your family story Haley, I’m there!! XXX B